Starter Drafts and Sprint Writing — The Perfect Combo

In my blog, Finishing Your Starter Draft is Crucial to Success, I talked about why finishing your book as a Starter Draft is key to making it as an author. But what’s the best way to write a Starter Draft?

I’m glad you asked! There are three important building blocks to writing a Starter Draft, and one tip:

1) Know what you want to write — see Outlines.

2) Write as fast as you can and don’t worry about fixing things (for now) — see Sprint Writing & Dictation.

3) Write your book start to finish over weeks or days, depending on the length of your project — see Finishing Your Starter Draft is Crucial to Success.

Finally, and most importantly, do your best to resist worrying about perfection. There’s no right or wrong within the world of creative ideas. There’s only choosing the ideas which best serve your story.

See you on the bestsellers list!

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