It’s Okay to Not Have All the Answers When You Write

But you need to have some of them.

From The Write Practice:

“You have to know something about your book before you begin to write your story. I think this is true whether you like to plot your novel before you write or not. You don’t need to know everything, but you do need to know something.”

An outline also helps, as discussed in The Advantage of Outlines. But until you start writing, keep writing, and finish that Starter Draft, some answers will refuse to present themselves.

Ah, the adventure of being a novelist. We must become comfortable with a little chaos.

The good news is, answers always seem to come. Eventually. The key is to keep moving forward. Because when we don’t, not having that answer will cause us to hit what’s known as the dreaded “writers block.” Then we stall out and sometimes never get going, again.

Here are some resources that might help:

As to writing groups, local is great, but there are also online options:

Never give up on your writing. The world needs what only you can offer!

See you on the bestsellers list